Easter Activities for Little Chicks

little chickThe Easter Bunny is busy preparing all those yummy chocolate eggs to hide around the garden this weekend.

Unlike Father Christmas, who delivers presents on 25th December every year, the Easter Bunny changes the date that he makes his deliveries each year. This is because many years ago it was decided that Easter Day should always be on the Sunday following the first full moon after the first day of Spring. Easter can therefore be on any Sunday from 22nd March until 25th April each year!

In the UK, Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.

To celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we’ve hatched a few ideas to keep little chicks entertained over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Make your own Easter cardsEaster colouring download

Instead of chocolate, why not surprise your friends and family with an Easter card? Download an Easter card template to colour or paint, which is sure to get them hopping with excitement when they receive them on Easter Day.

Decorate Easter eggs

Decorating eggs is an age old Easter tradition for children and it couldn’t be easier! First, remove the egg white and yolk by asking an adult to stick a pin through the top and bottom of the egg. Then blow through one side, so the yolk is pushed out – just make sure you have a bowl underneath to catch it!

You can then decorate your egg  however you want; either go wild with different colours, glue on patterned paper or stick on sequins, or why not make an Easter bunny or chick design? When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful Easter egg to display, plus all the ingredients to have scrambled egg on Easter morning!

Sew your own Easter Bunny

rabbit sockThe Galt Sock Rabbit Kit is an easy sewing kit to keep little ones busy over the Easter weekend by making their very own bunny! The sock is already stitched into the body parts, so all they need to do is simply fill with stuffing, stitch together and add the felt features.

The Sock Rabbit Kit is a great prize for the Easter egg hunt as an alternative to chocolate.

Design an Easter bonnet

Designing and making a beautiful Easter Bonnet to wear during the celebrations will keep little ones busy for hours over the Easter weekend. Any plain hat can be turned into a show-stopping piece of headwear using coloured paper, sequins, ribbon or buttons – the only limit is your imagination!

chcolate making setMake your own chocolates

Treat your friends and family to some homemade chocolates! Mould and decorate yummy animals by melting chocolate in the microwave and pouring into the moulds. You can then add features in a different coloured chocolate, using the piping bags. Either serve on the chocolate stand or hide for the Easter treasure hunt.

We wish everyone a Happy Easter! Don’t forget to tweet @Galttoys with your Easter arts and crafts or post on our Facebook wall –we’d love to see what you get up to over the Bank Holiday weekend!

Galt Toys’ Mini Masterpieces

Earlier this year, Galt asked famous contemporary artist Ed Chapman to recreate Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait using our arts and crafts materials. The result was a stunning Marilyn Masterpiece, which just showed the fantastic artwork that can be achieved with the right supplies and a little bit of imagination!


We believe it’s important to inspire and educate young painters and artists, so have put together a series of ‘Mini Masterpieces’ for them to recreate their own modern works of art.  

Each month, the template for a traditional masterpiece from the world’s most loved artists will be available to download from our Activity Zone.  Budding young artists can then either follow our step-by-step guide or use their imagination to make their own original masterpiece!

The Water-Lily Pond by Monet (1840-1926)

The first in Galt’s Mini Masterpiece series is Water Lilies by Claude Monet.


Monet was a founder of French impressionist painting. The Water-Lily Pond is part of a series of paintings called the Water Lilies and now considered one of the artist’s most famous pieces.  What makes the Water Lilies so special is that it’s a series of around 250 oil paintings of Monet’s flower garden in Giverny, with each painting showing a different side of the garden, created using alternative colours and shading. 

Create your own Mini Monet Masterpiece

Monet 1

Step 1: To start, download the Monet Water Lilies template from the Galt Activity Zone.  

Step 2: Monet was known for his expressive and imaginative use of colours so, using the Galt Paintastics, paint the bridge in the garden in all different shades and colours.

Monet 2Step 3: To give the leaves and trees in the background an amazing 3D, scrumple up some coloured paper from the Big Block and stick to the page or use the green shredded paper from the Galt Art Jar.

You can even paint on top of the paper to create more colours, depth and shadows on the page! Monet 4

Step 4: Then, using the Galt Paintastics, create the swirling water under the bridge. Add a splash of colour to show the reflections of the trees and the sky above, and add a darker colour to create the shadows.

Step 5: Add the water lilies! You can either paint the flowers onto the page or why not use bits and pieces from the Galt Art Jar? We used purple, red, yellow and green beads to create the water lilies floating on the surface of the water.

The result is a fantastic and colourful work of art, perfect for brightening up a wall in your home or as a framed landscape painting to take pride of place on the mantelpiece!

Monet 5


Share your Mini Masterpiece with us for a chance to

WIN a Galt Art & Craft Bundle worth £50!

We’d love to share your artistic creations, so please do show us your mini masterpieces by tweeting a picture to @GaltToys or posting your picture on our Galt Toys Facebook wall. One lucky budding artist will win a fantastic bundle of arts and crafts goodies worth £50. The winner will be announced on 1st May 2014.


Mini Masterpiece Gift bundle

  Please ensure that activities are completed under adult supervision and all instructions and warnings on Galt products used are read and followed.  Always protect clothing and the work area.

April Fools’ Day!

april fool 1On 1st April people from countries around the world celebrate April Fools’ Day! This is a whole day dedicated to Tom Foolery when it’s tradition to act silly and play a few light-hearted practical jokes on friends and family.

Traditionally in Italy, France and Belgium, children cut fish out of paper and stick them on each other’s backs as a trick, then shout “April Fish!” to catch them out!

If you’re planning on getting up to mischief on April Fools’ Day but need a few ideas, we’ve put together a few naughty tricks to help you on your way!

april fool 2Really Rotten tricks

The Galt set of Really Rotten  Experiments is superb for April Fools’ jokes and includes all you need to catch out your friends, from hiding a cockroach in the soap to making a fake poo or vile vomit!

april fool 4Spider sandwiches

Surprise mum or dad by putting a spider in their sandwich or a bug in their breakfast! Making your own beastly beasties out of pipe cleaners, goggley eyes and pompoms found in the Galt Art Jar and slip them on the plate to give adults a fright!

The trump trickapril fool 3

Use the Galt Blood, Bones and Body Bits kit to make a bottom burp machine, and then make rude noises when dad sits down on the sofa or when mum bends over to tie her shoe laces!

How are you planning on tricking your friends and family this April Fools’ Day? Tweet @GaltToys or contact us on Facebook – we’d love to know what jokes you’re plotting!