Autumn is Here!

Britain celebrated the start of autumn on Monday 22nd September and we can’t wait to hear the crunch of leaves under our feet and watch the trees turn to bright, vibrant colours as we head further into autumn over the coming weeks.

 Autumn 1

As summertime comes to an end and the air starts getting crisper and cooler, there’s no doubt that many of us will be putting our flip flops away and digging out our winter woollies. But snuggling back into our thick jumpers and cosy socks aren’t the only reasons why we’re looking forward to autumn, here’s a few more to help you fall in love with ‘Fall’.

Autumn 2

Leaves and Conkers

Trees might look prettier in bloom, but they’re a lot more fun come autumn! When their golden leaves fall to the ground, ready to be kicked…plus children love playing the game Conkers!  Did you know the game is also known as ‘Kingers’ in some parts of the world? It’s also good luck to say “oddly, oddly, onker, my first conker” when you see your first conker of the season, as this will bring you good luck!


Autumn Art

Autumn 3The great outdoors are awash with beautiful oranges, yellows and red colours at this time of year, making a perfect landscape to paint. Put on your coat and wellies, grab your most colourful art set and head outside for your very own watercolour challenge. You can even incorporate natural materials found outside into your painting; fur cones, conkers and crisp leaves are great for decorating or for adding texture to a painting. 

Hot Chocolate

After a day spent running around in the crisp autumn air it’s time to warm your cockles with a big mug of hot chocolate! Heat up those pink rosy cheeks with a mug filled with warm chocolate milk with a handful of marshmallows melting on top. Why not try spicing up your recipe by adding a pinch of cinnamon, hazelnut or even peppermint to create new flavours?


At the end of October we will be celebrating Halloween! Traditionally on 31st October children from around the world dress up as scary zombies, witches, ghosts and monsters to go out trick or treating; knocking on neighbours doors asking for sweets. The costumes can be as wild and wacky as you like, so get creative and make your own Halloween masks!

Autumn 4

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Galt Tricycle Race against the Countdown Clock


8 Out of 10 Cats uses Galt Tricycle for Race between Show Presenters


 The Galt Tricycle has a claim to fame after being featured on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on Channel 4! Presenter Jimmy Carr challenged co-host Rachel Riley to a 30 second race on the Tricycle during the show, Jimmy Carr 1 broadcast Friday 5th September 2014, with the intention to distract contestants as they thought hard to create the longest word possible from the nine letters on the board.

 The Tricycle was a big hit amongst the presenters and the audience, who were in fits of giggles as Jimmy and Rachel frantically peddled their way to the finish line. The show Trikecaptains – Sean Lock and Jon Richardson were joined by celebrity guests David Mitchell and Roisin Conaty, while Phill Jupitus joined Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner. 

Both Jimmy and Rachel put on their safety helmets and got peddling on the bright red trikes. Jimmy Carr led the race and was the first to zoom past the finish line to claim victory after a head start.  Jimmy Carr 2

The tricycle actually suitable for children 2 years and above, provides plenty of fun for youngsters (and obviously adults too after watching Jimmy!), whilst helping them to develop their motor skills. Plus it provides an excellent platform for learning to ride a bicycle, tricycles are a perfect way for children to exercise and let off steam, zooming around both in and outdoors.

 Watch the 8 Out of 10 Cats episode and see the race for yourself here.


WIN a Galt Trike!

Solve the Countdown Conundrum below to enter our competition – can you rearrange the letters to spell another Galt toy? One lucky entrant will win a Galt Trike! Tweet your answer to @Galttoys.


Countdown Conundrum

 The competition ends at 12pm on Friday 3rd October. Good Luck!

Dr Miriam Stoppard Hosts Top Parenting Masterclass

We teamed up with leading parenting guru Dr Miriam Stoppard to host a sensory developmental Play Date in the fantastic Daniels Store toy department, in Windsor, on Friday 5th September 2014 and were joined by a group of beautiful babies and their lovely parents, all eager to learn about child development.

Miriam 1

Parents and their babies gathered to watch Dr Miriam demonstrate the best sensory techniques to use when playing with their baby, and helping them reach vital developmental milestones. Putting years of childcare experience into practice, Dr Miriam gave advice about child development, the importance of play and demonstrated her range of First Years toys for babies and toddlers.

Miriam 2

Dr Miriam has worked with us to design a fantastic range of toys that are perfect for helping little ones learn. The Dr Miriam @ Galt range is 21 wooden, plastic and soft toys designed to encourage learning through play. Each toy has a whole host of engaging features for little hands and minds to explore!

Here are some of Dr Miriam’s top tips for play time:

Why is play time so important?

Miriam 3Dr Miriam: Babies learn more in their first year than at any other time in life, so it’s important to stimulate their development through play. Every time a baby plays, it thinks. And every time it thinks it develops half a million brain connections. If you play with your baby and show them how to do things and explain what’s happening, you’ll encourage the development of really importance physical, intellectual, manual, language and social skills.


 What quick tips can you offer to parents who want to engage more with their child?

Dr Miriam: Babies love over the top gestures, so be sure to whoop with joy at each and every small achievement and movement. Constant eye contact will also encourage engagement and help you and your baby bond, while talking will teach them about sounds, language and memory.

What small changes make a big difference?

Dr Miriam: Playtime has changed over the years, and more parents now often turn to electronic devises as alternative playmates or babysitters for their children. However, we shouldn’t forget the importance of traditional play. Set yourself a target to switch off the iPad, CBeebies and your mobile phone for an hour a day, and focus on releasing your inner child by enjoying playtime with your children. Not only does traditional play allow children to explore their imaginations, but its educational benefits help them reach important development milestones, supporting them through school and into adulthood.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the event, especially to our ten star mummy bloggers!